Frequently Asked Questions

What is your favourite lecture?

These days as a freelance lecturer, I'm very privileged in being able to cherry pick my lecture topics. Every topic on the list has been researched in depth as a labour of love, and each one inspires me with passion on every occasion. No two occasions or audiences are ever the same.

I enjoy lecturing to many Arts Society groups in the UK and abroad, and as a former programme secretary of my local society, I understand very well the importance of energy, enthusiasm and communications skills for a widely travelled and intellectually curious audience. All lectures are scholarly in content but are also designed to be fun, enjoyable social events and a visual feast!

Are all topics suitable for a special interest day?

No – some are better suited to a one-hour lecture only. Special interest days provide the opportunity to explore a subject in much greater depth and in a much more leisurely fashion. This waldorf postcardpopular format (usually 3 sessions with a sociable lunch) is well suited for an informal and interactive day when questions can be raised at regular intervals. Some subjects are offered in both lecture and special interest day format (please see the List of Lecture Topics menu).

Books and historical artefacts from my personal collection are always available. For example, in the Meet Me at the Waldorf day, I bring postcards, advertising material, luggage labels and a limited edition copy of 'The Unofficial Palace of New York' (1939) with stunning photographs, engravings and essays. Or, for Paris 1925, I bring an official catalogue of the exhibition, souvenir tickets and postcards with personal messages. All these artefacts bring an immediacy and personality to the event, and the members of the audience often bring items or reminiscences to share with the group.

PartyCan you give recommendations for our event?

Increasingly I am being asked to give lectures or study days to commemorate a special social occasion, whether it be a fundraiser event, an anniversary, a dinner/lecture, a summer evening celebration, a new society start-up, or simply a fun get-together. Or it might complement a particular programme theme such as Dining and Feasting, or be related to a seasonal summer or winter/Christmas theme.

The possibilities are endless. Please get in contact to discuss.

Digital technology?

Digital technology provides great opportunities to compare and contrast different images on the same screen. The imagery of a lecture is no longer 'linear' in structure as with previous slide technology. Composite images can instantly communicate the mood and feel of a period.

Similarly, the use of a sidebar geographical map alongside an image provides an immediate location for the audience. This device makes the subject more accessible to those who may not be familiar with the location.

How far do you travel?

I travel anywhere and everywhere, both in the UK and abroad. Travel is always booked well in advance for a beneficial rate. If travelling by car in the UK for logistical purposes, expenses are charged at equivalent rail fare to reduce costs.